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Generator Membership

The Generator Membership fee is a calculation based on the overall production / generating capacity of your wind project/wind farm.

Introducing a New Membership Fee Structure

In order to make the organisation more resilient, we are introducing a new IWFA Membership fee structure.  This change is based on feedback from some of our long-standing members, who suggested an alternative way to fund our operations on a sustainable basis.  We would also aim to grow our community and enable the organisation to continue to function effectively, while maintaining its core principles. The new membership fee structure will help finance our lobbying efforts and promote the interests of our Members – all critical components of our collective success to date.

With that in mind, we would like to continue to involve you in our activities, updating you and also consulting with you on these various matters.  We look forward to renewal of your membership under the new structure.  We urge you to continue your efforts especially in this year which seems like it will be another busy one.

Membership Type New Rates
Generating Wind Farm €250 per generating capacity MW
Developing Wind Farm €20 per development capacity MW
Delegate Membership €150 annual fee
Student Membership €30 annual fee

Generating wind farm  annual membership fee: €250 per generating capacity MW.

Our new Membership fee structure will have three categories and the main change is that the fee varies depending on your generation or developing capacity rather than having a fixed fee.  This allows more funding for IWFA, while also spreading the load more fairly between those with operating projects, those in development and others who simply wish to learn or support our efforts.


  • Reduced price access to annual events including: Annual Conferences, Annual Workshops & Regular Topic Workshops
  • Communications – opportunity to gain access to our member only updates and our newsletter
  • Input into the topical policy submissions and policy development (ISEM/RATES)
  • Support from IWFA office in Kilkenny to seek assistance of the IWFA members in your project development.
  • Business success and benefits through networking, knowledge sharing and lobbying
  • Links to affiliated companies supplying services to the wind industry (legal, technical, maintenance, Grid connection, planning, construction, servicing etc)
  • Access to 20 years of Independent Wind Developer experience

Further information:

  • The new fee structure will be effective from the date the membership is formalised.
  • Please note, if you have recently renewed your IWFA Membership and you would like to sign up to the new structure, a refund will be made from the new fee based on the type of membership you have chosen.
  • We accept payments from a company or a group, but the membership has to be in the name of an individual who will become the Member
  • Anyone joining or renewing their membership will be able to access these new fees and payment links through contacting our office directly via